Our Mission

We are King James bible believers that fully understand God’s two-fold plan and purpose for the members of the body of Christ today, as well as Israel’s program in “time past”, and in “ages to come”. We also fully understand that the King James bible is the complete written word of God, and that it is the only God inspired word in existence today. Also we believe the bible is God breathed, God inspired, God designed, and God preserved, and that we have “that which is perfect”, which is the complete written word of God. The bible’s main function is to make known God’s will, which is to have “all men to become saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth”, and to make known His plan and purpose for all mankind, with Israel, and with the Gentiles today. Having the wisdom of His will today, we can take the doctrine and let His word work effectually in us that believe, and with that doctrine, we can renew our minds when we discover who God has made us to be in Christ. Our mission as ambassadors “in Christ” is to go out and preach the gospel of reconciliation to the lost, and to teach others so we can establish faithful men in the truth, with the understanding that the whole bible is the “word of truth”, and God gave a designed way for man to “study” His word of truth, which is “rightly divided”, if not confusion will come from ones that will take the bible and re-work God’s word and apply their thinking to God’s word of truth, instead of applying God’s word to their thinking. In today’s reading of the bible the only way godly edification can take place is by understanding  who we are in Christ, and where it is in His word that we find our doctrine for today.

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