Man bases ‘his’ theory upon carbon dating which is not always accurate, along with many of the other dating methods that are used today. And this is something that is not only ponted out by bible believing Christians who take the creation accout literally, but it is even acknowledged within the halls of secular science itself; though not all that vocally, or even that often. (The inventor of radiocarbon dating, Willard Libby, asserted that it was only accurate for dating objects within the range of a couple thousand years old.) Radioactive carbon certainly exists, along with other such elements. But the problem with the dating methods employing them is that they are based upon way too many unproveable assumptions regarding their existance. If a person accepts all of the assumptions to be true, then naturally he is going to put great stock in the dating. And accepting all of the assumptions to be true, (or at least the vast majority of them), is just what most modern day scientists do. (Theories being taken for, and treated as, facts is so commonplace that the word “theory” has practically lost its real meaning.) And the public for the most part follows suit, accepting the assumptions to be true and likewise treating all of the scientific theories of the day as proven facts.

However there are enough people ‘waving caution flags’ and reminding the public that ‘theories are just that; only theories and not proven facts,’ so that if someone is willing to listen and is interested in checking things out for himself, he can find out just what kind of foundation things like carbon dating really rest upon; as well as things like evolution, the geologic column of fossils, etc. And again all of these folks providing this information are not just Bible believing Christians, (though often times they are the ones making the information most readily available), but there are many ‘inner circle scientists’ doing so as well. (In fact there are a number of ‘inner circle scientists’ who are themselves Bible believing Christians.)

And most of this information can now be found on the various web sites of organizations making it available. Here’s a couple of them that you might want to check out, if you aren’t already familiar with them. And if they do not have all of their information, charts, technical papers, and the like, available for free download, they will undoubtedly tell you how you can obtain the information providing the proof that dating methods like carbon 14 can be very unreliable:

~Creation Science Evangelism~ http://www.drdino.com This is Dr. Kent Hovind’s site. He is well known, both among Bible believing Christians and evolutionists. He has a number of publications, as well as videos and CD’s, on creation science, dinosaurs being with man, and the like. In particular he deals quite a bit with unproveable assumptions behind things like carbon 14 dating, the geologic column, etc. As well he documents the cautions of those scientists who themselves voice their concerns over taking these assumptions for facts, and the like.

~Institute for Creation Research~ http://www.icr.org This is another site where you may find similar type articles and information.

Regarding what I say to folks who say that there is life on other planets: Actually I don’t usually have to say much. Whenever anyone does profess to believe that this is so, he also has to admit that he himself has no actual ‘proof’ that such life does exist. So though he may ridicule me, or scoff at me, for believing that the Bible is true; for believing that God exists and that He is the Creator and that creation account of Genesis is literally true, etc.; he himself has to admit that he is just ‘believing something the same as I am. So once this is admitted, the goal is to get the person to honestly think about the consequences of his ‘belief,’ if it is wrong. If his ‘belief’ in evolution is true, then when he dies he will just cease to exist as he expects to happen, and the same will be true of me. So neither one of us will be any better off or any worse. However, if  his belief in evolution is wrong, and the Bible is true and i am right, then when he dies he will not cease to exist. Rather he will face the condemning wrath and judgment of the Almighty God whom he has scorned and denied. With this being the case, instead of wasting his time getting all wrapped up in speculating on the issue of life on other planets, etc.; he had better spend his time not just scoffing at the Bible, but making sure that it isn’t right. Because he can’t afford to find out after he dies that it is true. The cost of him being wrong is something he will not want to have to pay.

Regarding U.F.O’s: Again, I don’t usually have to say too much. What someone wants to ‘believe’ about them is fine. Again, I want to direct their attention to “the gospel of Christ,” and so I want to get them to honestly think about what is going to happen to them when they die. The subject of unidentified flying objects may be interesting for some to speculate upon, but there’s something far more important for them to think about, which isn’t ‘unidentified’ at all. It’s the Creator and His creation and what He has done to save them from the wrath that will befall upon them because of their rejection of His grace and mercy. Once again U.F.O.’s are just as they are: ‘unidentified,’ and to trust in, or waste time placing his trust in a man’s ‘theory’ can be dangerous. Whenever someone says that they ‘believe’ the earth is billions of years old, or that there is life on other planets takes a lot of ‘faith’ because he has to do as the Bible believing Christians do; hear something, believe it, and most importantly trust in it.

And so what they need to think about is what’s going to happen to them when they die, regardless of dinosaurs or U.F.O.’s and anything else about them.


Sincerely yours “in Christ,”

Keith Blades

Enjoy the Bible Ministries

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